Tuesday, 23 May 2017

The One Lovely Blogger Award

Hello, everybody! This is the second blogging award I have received since I began, and I am really proud! Today I am going to nominate up to fifteen of my favourite blogs which I think deserve this award. Thanks so much to Baking Boutique Birds for nominating me for this award - i'm honoured!
Let's jump straight in to the rules for those of you who were nominated, and then my entry. If you would like to see my previous award post (The Cramm Award), please click here.

Here are the rules:
1. Compose a post based on the award. 
2. Nominate up to fifteen bloggers. 
3. Share seven facts about yourself.
4. Inform your nominees about their nomination. 

Here are my nominees: 

Here are my seven facts: 
1. I really want to be a writer when I am older. 
2. I am totally obsessed with pretzels - not big, soft ones, although they are good, but the small crunchy ones. 
3. I am a huge Harry Potter fan and my dream is to be a student at Hogwarts. 
4. I love dolls - Barbies, Bratz, anything... I just think that they are totally awesome! 
5. I am really into classical ballet and I do classes a few times a week. You can check out my ballet post by clicking here.
6. I speak Russian and I am learning Spanish - languages are important to me! 
7. I am obsessed with pens too - they give me a surge of excitement, and I like to study inks as wee - I also have a collection of rare coins and inks - I am a collector! 

That is it for now. Over half-term, I am going away to be with family, so posts will not be published until after the next week. Thanks for reading! 

Over To You...
Were you nominated? Do you want to share some cool and quirky facts about yourself with us? do me and you have any common facts between us? Comment below to share your thoughts! 

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Blogging Tips and Organisation

Hey there, readers! Today I am going to share some of the most important blogging tips which have helped me through all the small bumps in the road of blogging. If you have ever wondered about how to keep your blogging pre-planned and organised, this post will guide you through every single way to be the most organised blogger on earth! Slowly but surely, you will find that you are completely avoiding any cases of writer's block and these tips and tricks will get your creative juices flowing! Naturally, your blog will become more organised and you will find that none of your posts are rushed! Let's move on now to the first blog-changing tip!

The first thing you will need to keep your blogging life organised and scheduled is ideas, and for that, you will need a resource to jot down these ideas. Sticky notes are ideal because they are sticky and colourful, and you can easily stick them up anywhere, and colour-code your notes and ideas too! You can get different fun shapes and sizes for all purposes and you can keep your precious ideas stored in notebooks, on the wall or anywhere else that you want to keep them! Every stationery brand supplies sticky notes, and the most popular brand that I recommend is Post-It!

I strongly believe that writing with a finely-crafted instrument can enhance and deepen your thoughts, just as George Parker, the pen maker legend. In order to deepen your thoughts, you need to find the right stationery for you. In the photograph to the left, you can see a set of rainbow-coloured pens. I bought them in Muji, a totally fantastic shop filled with humble, simple products. There are more that came with the set. The highlighters are the Pastel range by Stabilo Boss and I bought them in Ryman's. These ones came in a pack of four, but you can also purchase a pack of six which adds the pastel peach and pastel yellow to the collection. Students and teachers alike commented positively about how beautiful they are! You can get shopping for some amazing stationery which will make your organising experience so much more fun!

Now that you have the right stationery and sticky notes to jot down notes, you need to have a pretty notebook to write down detailed plans about any future posts and plans for exciting changes to your blog. You can use the form of bullet-journalling if you wish. More posts about bullet-journalling are coming up in the future! I bought this notebook from Paperchase, which, for those of you who do not know, is a chain of shops filled with fun, creative and themed stationery for any taste. Their range is full of fun things to buy. If this style isn't quite right, visit their website or go to the shops to see what else they have in store! There are many kinds of notebooks that Paperchase supplies! You can get personalised notebooks which will help with your blogging!

Over To You...
How do you organise your blogging? Share your top tips by commenting below! 

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Book Review: Dream On, Amber.

Hello, readers! After a recent trip to my public library, I was left absolutely fascinated by an amazing book that I picked up very luckily. It looked brand-new, it was obvious that only a few people had ever borrowed it in the past and they were evidently very careful with it too! I usually read books out of the same series or the same authors, but that day I felt like something different, so I chose books written by authors I had never even heard of in my life! This post is going to be a book review of a fantastic paperback called "Dream On, Amber". I hope this post inspires you to read this book and enjoy more reading time! Enjoy!

Name: Dream On, Amber.

Author: Emma Shevah.

Main Characters: Amber and Bella.

Summary: Amber, who is half Japanese and half Italian, has suffered her father leaving her, her younger sister, Bella, and her mother, Bob (I know, right!). She feels like a half of her is missing, and at this stage, she believes that nothing could make her feel any worse. She was severely mistaken. Amber, whose real name is Ambra Alessandra Leola Kimiko Miyamoto, is about to start at Spit Hill High School. This is tough because she is tiny and has a cavegirl phone. What makes matters worse is that she has to attend a weekly therapy lesson called "Inward Reach" for children with familial issues, which is totally embarrassing. One of the key events is when she finds the boy who was bullying her sister and savagely twists his arm back, earning herself an enemy, who happens to be the boy's moody, violent older sister who also attends "Inward Reach". amber has a real problem with dirt, and when Joanne (the boy's sister) attempts to dump Amber in a dustbin, this problem plummets out of control, and the bullying continues. This is not what is on Amber's mind at the moment: Amber has made a terrible, terrible mistake. You see, her younger sister Bella wrote a letter to her dad, begging him to come back and make an appearance at her birthday party, which was coming up soon. Bella asked Amber to post it, but she did not have the address, so instead, she pretended to be their dad and replied to her. Soon Bella began writing letters daily and her hopes grew higher and higher, despite the fact that Amber had clearly written that he would not be able to come to the party due to an important mission which he must complete. Amber misses her own father so much that her mind dreams up other ways to fill that gaping hole in her heart: she makes up an imaginary dad who she talks to about all her troubles. Every time she sees him, he is dressed as an important Samurai (Japanese ninja), and soon Amber finds out that "Miyamoto" is a Samurai surname - this gives her courage to face her enemies. Meanwhile, Amber is helping her grandma clear out the cat litter trays in order to make enough money to buy a new phone for herself - she wants it so much because she is the only one out of all her friends who still has a phone with no camera on it! The kindest thing she does in the book is actually spend that hard-earned money on a purple Swatch watch and a jewelry making set for her sister Bella because that is what she asked her father to buy her in the letters. How sweet of her! At school, there is a huge art competition, but Amber is scared to enter. Amber is extremely gifted at art: sometimes it is the only thing she has left to fall back on. Joanne is still giving her a hard time and it is chipping away at her confidence, but luckily her "Inward Reach" teacher, Miss. Figgis, forced her to enter. Amber mad a beautiful piece of art inspired by the Samurai people and their history. And you know what? She won first place! Joanne was also pretty good at art and came third with her piece of art called "Revenge". Without a shadow of a doubt, this was targeted at Amber. Amber and the runners up also got some really cool prizes! In the end of the grudge, Amber  and Joanne were almost friends. Joanne had commented positively on her work, anyhow. Amber is happy at her school since she became part of the art club, and it all ends well with her school. At home, Bella writes one final letter to her "dad". It turns out that all along, Bella had known that it was not really her dad writing - Amber was busted, but Bella was okay with it. She even wrote that she had enjoyed exchanging letters with Amber. Amber also has a crush on a boy who is also part of the art club. THE END!