Saturday, 17 June 2017

Exclusive Interview With Cathy Cassidy

Hello! Today I am going to give you the chance to find out the behind-the-scenes secrets of Cathy Cassidy by sharing an interview that I had got from her via e-mail! If you don't know her, Cathy writes books for young teens - or at least that was the way she intended it to be! All around the world, millions of children, teens and adults dive into her wonderful world. Cathy Cassidy tackles typical teen-hood problems such as single parenting, crushes, bullying and cyberbullying, divorce, poverty and fitting in. As well as this, her characters will leave a mark on your heart - you will find parts of their personality in you, and this makes them a classic. You will be able to relate to them easily and see how you can fix those problems in your life. The girls and boys in the books are not perfect - in fact, they are imperfect. Perfectly imperfect. They make mistakes. Just like you. Just like me. Just like us.
"A children's story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good story in the slightest."C.S Lewis.

Where did you get the idea for The Chocolate Box Girls, one of your most loved series? 
I wanted to write about my dream family, in a way - lots of sisters, a rambling house on the edge of a cliff beside a lovely beach, cool parents with a very cool business (chocolate making!), and lots of adventures! Plus... well, the chocolate research was always going to be a bonus!
When did you realise that you wanted to become an author? 
I've wanted to write and create stories and characters ever since I can remember. As a teen, I sent literally hundreds of short stories to my favourite teen magazine, Jackie, hoping they'd publish one... and after art college (I studied illustration) I ended up getting a job as Fiction editor on that magazine, which was kind of an irony!
What book do you think you enjoyed writing the most? 
The first one, Dizzy, will always be special to me. It was the first time I had managed to write a full length book and that was exciting in itself... and because I had no publisher at that point, there was no pressure, no deadlines, just the joy of writing!
If you could spend the day with one of your characters, who would it be and why, and what would you do? 
Wow... there are so many I'd love to meet! My all-time favourite character is Mouse, from Dizzy and Lucky Star, as he's so honourable - but also such a rule breaker! If I could spend the day with one character though it would probably be Honey, the rebellious older sister from the Chocolate Box series. That way I could hang out at Tanglewood and meet the other sisters and their friends. Is that cheating?
How many fan letters do you receive per month, approximately? 
Maybe thirty paper letters.... this rises to fifty at some point, and they come from all over the world, which is cool. When it comes to emails, FB messages, Insta messages, twitter messages etc. we're talking hundreds a month... 500+ and twice that when I'm doing a book tour. It's hard work keeping up with it all!
Are there any future books that you have in mind? 
My newest book, LOVE FROM LEXIE, will be out on June 15th... I am VERY excited about it as it's the first in a new series, LOST AND FOUND, about a bunch of misfit kids who accidentally form a band. I am writing the second book in the series at the moment.
Which character do you think is must like you and why? 
There's a little bit of me in characters like Skye, Coco and Cherry, and also characters like Hannah from Driftwood and Jude from Sundae Girl. I'm quite shy, daydreamy and creative, but also eccentric with a fierce save-the-world streak! If I'm really honest, I am probably most like Tess, Finn's mum in my first book Dizzy!


Tuesday, 23 May 2017

The One Lovely Blogger Award

Hello, everybody! This is the second blogging award I have received since I began, and I am really proud! Today I am going to nominate up to fifteen of my favourite blogs which I think deserve this award. Thanks so much to Baking Boutique Birds for nominating me for this award - i'm honoured!
Let's jump straight in to the rules for those of you who were nominated, and then my entry. If you would like to see my previous award post (The Cramm Award), please click here.

Here are the rules:
1. Compose a post based on the award. 
2. Nominate up to fifteen bloggers. 
3. Share seven facts about yourself.
4. Inform your nominees about their nomination. 

Here are my nominees: 

Here are my seven facts: 
1. I really want to be a writer when I am older. 
2. I am totally obsessed with pretzels - not big, soft ones, although they are good, but the small crunchy ones. 
3. I am a huge Harry Potter fan and my dream is to be a student at Hogwarts. 
4. I love dolls - Barbies, Bratz, anything... I just think that they are totally awesome! 
5. I am really into classical ballet and I do classes a few times a week. You can check out my ballet post by clicking here.
6. I speak Russian and I am learning Spanish - languages are important to me! 
7. I am obsessed with pens too - they give me a surge of excitement, and I like to study inks as wee - I also have a collection of rare coins and inks - I am a collector! 

That is it for now. Over half-term, I am going away to be with family, so posts will not be published until after the next week. Thanks for reading! 

Over To You...
Were you nominated? Do you want to share some cool and quirky facts about yourself with us? do me and you have any common facts between us? Comment below to share your thoughts! 

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Blogging Tips and Organisation

Hey there, readers! Today I am going to share some of the most important blogging tips which have helped me through all the small bumps in the road of blogging. If you have ever wondered about how to keep your blogging pre-planned and organised, this post will guide you through every single way to be the most organised blogger on earth! Slowly but surely, you will find that you are completely avoiding any cases of writer's block and these tips and tricks will get your creative juices flowing! Naturally, your blog will become more organised and you will find that none of your posts are rushed! Let's move on now to the first blog-changing tip!

The first thing you will need to keep your blogging life organised and scheduled is ideas, and for that, you will need a resource to jot down these ideas. Sticky notes are ideal because they are sticky and colourful, and you can easily stick them up anywhere, and colour-code your notes and ideas too! You can get different fun shapes and sizes for all purposes and you can keep your precious ideas stored in notebooks, on the wall or anywhere else that you want to keep them! Every stationery brand supplies sticky notes, and the most popular brand that I recommend is Post-It!

I strongly believe that writing with a finely-crafted instrument can enhance and deepen your thoughts, just as George Parker, the pen maker legend. In order to deepen your thoughts, you need to find the right stationery for you. In the photograph to the left, you can see a set of rainbow-coloured pens. I bought them in Muji, a totally fantastic shop filled with humble, simple products. There are more that came with the set. The highlighters are the Pastel range by Stabilo Boss and I bought them in Ryman's. These ones came in a pack of four, but you can also purchase a pack of six which adds the pastel peach and pastel yellow to the collection. Students and teachers alike commented positively about how beautiful they are! You can get shopping for some amazing stationery which will make your organising experience so much more fun!

Now that you have the right stationery and sticky notes to jot down notes, you need to have a pretty notebook to write down detailed plans about any future posts and plans for exciting changes to your blog. You can use the form of bullet-journalling if you wish. More posts about bullet-journalling are coming up in the future! I bought this notebook from Paperchase, which, for those of you who do not know, is a chain of shops filled with fun, creative and themed stationery for any taste. Their range is full of fun things to buy. If this style isn't quite right, visit their website or go to the shops to see what else they have in store! There are many kinds of notebooks that Paperchase supplies! You can get personalised notebooks which will help with your blogging!

Over To You...
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